About HiteVision

HiteVision, publicly listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is one the biggest manufacturers in the industry of interactive displays. HiteVision has its own capability in industrial design, hardware and software R&D, mass production, and distributions of its product lines ranging from IFPD, IWB, UC accessories, to education applications. With experience over decades, HiteVision has contributed its technological advantages to some of the most famous brands in the world as a loyal OEM/ODM manufacturing partner and extended its offerings to module manufacturing and information services.

HiteVision is one of the very few vendors capable in designing, developing, assembly, to distribution, and thus becomes industry-leading with its advanced manufacturing procedures that translates customers’ variable demands into practical and special features in mass productions. HiteVision possesses numerous patents to create not only the most unique user experience, but also better opportunities for partners to lock deals.

In recent years, HiteVision has deployed multiple automation production stations throughout the production lines, which significantly improves production consistency and reduces RMA and DOA rate of the goods. Serving biggest market leaders in the industry, HiteVision has accumulated years of patented technologies, manufacturing experience, and bargaining power in supply chains. HiteVision aims to provide our partners tailor-made manufacturing services and solutions for all scenarios.