Optical Bonding

HiteVision’s industry leading optical bonding technique optimizes refractions of the panel, hence enhancing significantly the image qualities to brighter and more true-to-life images. Optical bonding also strengthens safety as panels are less likely to shatter under forces.

Comprehensive Accessories

HiteVision provides comprehensive accessories range for customer to choose optionally. From OPS, wifi dongle, mobile stands, to document cameras, HiteVision can be your one-stop shopping site and avoid your hustle of supplier management.

Germ and Virus Persistent Glass

HiteVision employs special coating techniques to bring the glass surface to meet higher hygiene standards. Tested and verified of effectiveness of persisting 2 types of germs, corona virus, and flu virus, HiteVision IFPDs are essential touch displays in workplaces where random people come and go and leaves a “fingerprint.”